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Protocol Secretarial

Protocol Secretarial

Protocol Secretarial Services (Pty) Ltd (“Protocol”) was established in 2014 in order to serve the ever-growing needs of Ellis & Partners to have shelf companies readily available to its clients. Protocol grew exponentially and is currently the appointed company secretary / accountable officer for 136 Companies and Close Corporations.

Protocol strives to have a number of shelf companies readily available for local and foreign investors who wish to expand or establish their presence in Namibia.

Protocol’s services include:

  • secretarial work relating to the Companies and the minutes relating thereto;
  • name changes of Companies;
  • conversion of Close Corporations to Companies or vice versa;
  • the appointment of new or additional directors and resignation of current directors;
  • issuing of share certificates;
  • lodging of annual returns at the end of a financial year;
  • registration of Special Resolutions;
  • the amendment of Auditors and the financial year end;
  • attending to the allotment of shares; and
  • attending to the transfer of Member’s Interest in Close Corporations and Shares in Companies.

In conjunction with Protocol, Ellis & Partners is capable of offering the full package of registering, managing and administrating a company or close corporation.