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Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi

Our firm strives to render an exclusive, intense and fully dedicated service to all our clients. This is achieved through focusing on a limited number of high-level instructions successfully and within the shortest time possible.

Our goal of excellent service delivery can only be achieved if clients receive the level of legal assistance and service they deserve. Our firm specializes in matters pertaining to the commercial and corporate spheres in Namibia. The other practice areas our firm excels in include mining and energy, aviation, fishing, company law, mergers and acquisitions and competition law.

Potential foreign investors to Namibia can receive any of our attorneys at their location of choice and in this way saving on expenses normally incurred when delegations are deployed to Namibia. Once the corporate and legal landscape of Namibia is understood, small groups of specialists can visit our beautiful country on pre-determined missions.

We can create a channel between foreign investors or clients with our local Government and other stakeholders, to ensure that matters are dealt with appropriately from the outset. This will result in substantial savings, in what is commonly referred to as “school fees”.

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