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Values of E&P

Core Values And Principles

Our goal is to inspire trust and establish confidence with our clients. We have thus recognised and embedded core principles and values, which guide our firm when dealing with clients, colleagues and the judiciary. Our core values and principles include:

Honesty and Integrity

We strive to be honest, trustworthy, respectful, professional and ethical in all our actions. These principles shall guide us when executing any mandate. Honouring our commitments and being accountable for our actions, successes and failures is similarly important to us.

It is often assumed by newcomers to the African Continent that paying bribes and rendering favours for decision makers are pre-requisites to successfully establishing business in these jurisdictions. This practice is not true for Namibia and when you elect our firm to represent you in establishing a presence in the Namibian economic and corporate landscape, we will only do so on the basis that all dealings are ethical and without any “incentives” being bestowed upon anyone.


When executing a mandate, our services shall not only be on par with local excellence, but shall be comparable to global standards of law and business.

Our team shall maintain the insight, depth and standards in order to meet our client’s needs whenever and wherever they arise.

Approachable and adaptable

The needs of our clients and our firm shall at all times be placed before our own. We encourage one another to adapt to the needs of our clients and thus creating an open and more approachable style.

Valuing outcome

The outcome of any mandate shall be treated as if it were our own. Many firms simply “go through the motions”, but at Ellis & Partners the outcome of any mandate is imperative to us.

Focusing on strengths

One cannot excel in all fields of the law. That is why we, at Ellis & Partners, have identified and recognised our strengths and exercise these in a rigor fashion. A mandate will only be accepted if we believe it falls within our area of expertise and we shall in all instances deal honestly with our clients and disclose to them where we are not suitably equipped to execute a mandate in accordance with our values and principles.

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