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Modus Operandi

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The firm strives to render an exclusive, intensive and fully dedicated service to its clients.


This is achieved through its principal committing to a limited number of (preferable only one) high-level instructions over any given period.  In order to achieve this, new instructions shall not be accepted in the event of our principal not being able to render his full and dedicated attention to the matter, or if the nature of the matter would not justify his dedicated and full time attention.


This leads to clients who have matters that are of high importance to them receiving the level of service from their legal representative that they deserve.


With hands-on experience in most commercial and corporate sectors in Namibia, such as company law, tax, financing, mining, energy, fishing, real estate and aviation our principal is able to clearly and comprehensively convey to potential investors the true landscape of Namibian business with all its benefits and pitfalls, through comprehensive electronic presentations. This enable potential investors to receive our principal at their head office where all relevant decision makers can be introduced to Namibia, without the cost of sending large delegations to Namibia for extended periods.  Once investors understand the landscape of the target country, Namibia in this instance, they are only required to send small specialized groups to Namibia on specific, pre-determined missions.

In Namibia itself we will facilitate your interaction with Government and business and ensure that you do things right the first time.  This will result in substantial savings, in what is commonly referred to as “school fees”.