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We place a high value on top class facilities that include the best available in communications systems.


Our computing and 4G broadband communication systems are essential tools in servicing our clients both locally and internationally.


Namibia is a country with highly developed and first world infrastructure and telecommunications systems and have not been prone to power failures, a deteriorating road infrastructure and a collapse in basic services that are sometimes associated with third world countries.


Our offices, which we own, are of first world standard with all the amenities one would expect of the level of services rendered.


Air Namibia, the national airline of Namibia has daily flights between Windhoek, the capital, and Frankfurt in Germany.  This is an effective gateway to and from Europe and Frankfurt is an effective hub for meetings with European clients.


Johannesburg in South Africa is a mere 2-hour flight from Windhoek with approximately 6 scheduled flights available daily over this route.  Johannesburg, through the Oliver Tambo International Airport offers direct connections to all continents.  Namibia is therefore easily accessible from most large cities in the world.


Our firm assists its clients with flight bookings, hotel/guest house reservations, transport arrangements and local mobile phone services.